Hector Cuadra  • Computer Graphics & Illustrator

Hector is a multi–talented Production Graphic Artist possessing a work experience that covers a wide range of publishing products and graphic artist abilities. He was lead production person for Fortune 500 publisher serving the education market.

His broad role ranged from production, design, illustration, and image editing, to 4-color pre-press and print production. He is located on the near north side of Chicago. Hector will work from his office, or at your place. No job is too small or too large. Hector is flexible in is work and will work as a freelance, contractor, or part/full-time employee.

Héctor is a Digital Graphic Artist and Illustrator with experience in art development and graphics production. His experience in the publishing industry plus his art education gives Héctor a solid and versatile background in illustration and graphics design.

Hector likes to create, conceptualize, and modify images for print or the web, including photographs and illustrations, using software tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Strata 3D and others. Furthermore, his native drawing skills, strong tech knowledge, art training, and conceptual-thinking abilities, enables Héctor to offer various solutions to your project needs.

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